Dear Am Yisrael,

Twenty-one years ago, I had the awesome privilege of founding Kollel Chatzos in the city of Beitar. We began with five members, all genuine tzaddikim, who would mourn the destruction of the Beis Hamikdash and so hasten the Redemption, while providing spiritual protection for Am Yisrael. We were renewing the concept of reciting Tikkun Chatzos, rising at midnight to raise the Shechinah from its exile through learning Torah and davening during those exalted hours. As described in the Zohar and expanded upon in our holy literature, Hashem considers the nighttime chatzos to be the most auspicious time, and our prayers and words of Torah fly heavenward without any obstacles or limitations.

This group expanded quickly, and today it numbers more than 120 tzaddikim, true Torah scholars from all sectors of Torah Jewry. They learn Torah and daven together each night, thanks to our supporters’ generosity that makes all this possible. These Kollel members provide enormous protection and guaranteed salvation to their partners, davening for the benefit of each one personally.

The Kollel Chatzos moved from one location to another, until eventually it was allocated a large lot in Beitar Ilit. We constructed a small, temporary edifice, and an entire community developed around the Kollel, which operates 24 hours a day. The atmosphere is vibrant, with the sounds of Torah learning and davening ringing out from its walls, arousing Heavenly mercy and protection. Many people from all over the city join the Kollel members for Torah classes, to daven, or to learn one-on-one with them. Today there is no room to fit everyone.

Four years ago, baruch Hashem, I began to realize my dream and my life’s vision. I planned the construction of a magnificent, spacious building that would meet all the needs of the people who come to learn Torah and daven, including a beautiful, state-of-the-art mikveh, a dining hall where breakfast would be served after the night’s Torah learning, and rooms for shiurim. It will all make a tremendous kiddush Hashem in the world. We hope to build up our kollelim to include hundreds of members.

This is the greatest “watchtower” in the world, providing protection for our entire nation and “life insurance” for its sponsors.

Thanks to our generous supporters, we have completed 80 percent of the construction! Once we have the funds to complete for the final 20 percent, the dream will finally become reality, as we celebrate the chanukas habayis of this house of Hashem, hopefully during this coming Tishrei!

A partner in the construction of this building has a share in all the merits earned through the Torah learning and davening that will take place here.

I hope to see you soon, at the chanukas habayis!

Rabbi Yehoshua Meir Deutch
Rosh Kollel Chatzos, Eretz Yisrael